Past events

WEBINAR: Egg Collection with Dr. Arianna D'Angelo
19 Oct 2021

Dr Arianna D’Angelo will present a 2 part webinar series focusing on fertility and egg collection. Arianna is a fertility specialist and widely published. She has been a longstanding supporter of the BSGI and spoke at our most recent Annual Scientific Meeting. Always popular, we are very excited to see these new instalments for the … Continued

BSGI Annual Gynaecology and Imaging Meeting
21 May 2021

The 13th BSGI Annual Scientific Meeting has been designed to provide delegates with in-depth update on the latest academic developments in gynaecological imaging. A carefully designed programme features a variety of specialist speakers to support your professional development in both theoretical and practical skills. Topics covered include gynaecological oncology, benign gynaecology and early pregnancy. This comprehensive … Continued

Call for Abstracts - Annual Scientific Meeting - 21st May
21 May 2021

You can now submit abstracts for our joint  ‘Annual Scientific Meeting’ with the Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists. Abstract submission is now open. Successful authors will be offered the opportunity to present their work at the meeting. This year there are two ways for you to present your abstract and showcase your work: Oral presentations … Continued

How to perform a transvaginal ultrasound
2 Dec 2020

This 30 minute presentation covers everything you need to know in order to perform a transvaginal pelvic ultrasound. It includes how to position your patient, how to be gentle, how to orientate and optimise your image and how to perform a systematic basic pelvic ultrasound. Then we will learn how to apply the sliding sign, … Continued

Gynaecology Imaging Course - JCA seminars
16 Sep 2020

This is the third edition of our two-day gynae imaging course and we are delighted to be hosting this years’ in London! Covering the essentials of gynaecological imaging, we shall be looking at how to acquire the best possible images over multiple imaging modalities, how to read these images and looking at a range of pathologies … Continued

Annual Gynaecology and Imaging Meeting
15 May 2020

The 13th Annual Scientific meeting of the BSGI offer the opportunity for all specialists with an interest in gynaecology and imaging related to Clinical Practice to update on academic developments in the field and discuss hot topics in clinical practice. The aim of the ASM is to provide a focused day of clinically relevant talks … Continued

Annual Scientific Meeting 2019
5 Apr 2019

https://www.rcog.org.uk/en/departmental-catalog/Departments/postgraduate-and-scientific-meetings/2158—bsgi-annual-gynaecology-and-imaging-meeting—rcogbsgi-joint-meeting/ For full details and to find out how to submit abstracts, please visit the RCOG website.